Welcome to World Wide Malls the first World Mall truly devoted to providing access to shopping Malls, Stores and retail centers throughout the WORLD! Our mall listings cover the entire world! All malls should be in world wide malls add your store, site or shopping mall today!

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Welcome to World Wide Malls!

Welcome to World Wide Malls the first World Mall truly devoted to providing access to Malls, Stores and retail centers throughout the WORLD!

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      The purpose of this site is to provide consumers with one stop shopping no matter what product or service they are looking for and no matter where it is they choose to look. This is not just another site of links! It is as close as one can get to a true virtual community! This site is where a number of people work to better the lives of themselves and others. This site contains the life works of our customers as well as our own and for this reason we hope to provide the best services and products to all that make this their shopping mall!

     World Wide Malls is open and fully functional, but we are constantly adding new and exiting sites and content,   As we get our service areas open your are invited in to browse our site and use what you need! All the domains of our customers will be available as soon as their sites are complete to their satisfaction!

     In our mall you will find many single page sites as well as very large corporate sites! We don't discriminate based on size! We also don't discriminate based on subject, but we will not allow fraudulent operations to a part of our site! We therefore ask that if you conduct business in our mall that you provide the products or services at the price and time and with the quality you promised!

We invite your comments at any time on any issues concerning the operation of this or any sites contained within at any time! Our main concern is keeping you the customer happy!

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