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       Use the navigation menu located in the left frame of this site to access all the featured sites in our mall!  You can also add your own URL from your site by clicking on the "Put Your Site in Our Mall" banner located in the top frame of the site and in the navigation window to the left!  We do not charge for listing your site in the geographic, category and search engine database!   If you would like a higher exposure you may investigate our advertising rates with the link on the left frame!

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       The most efficient way to navigate our mall is currently through the use of our Mall Site Map which is also located in the left frame, and the search engine which utilizes Microsoft Index Server!    Our categories section will be up after we do some promotion to get enough sites to justify its use!

Virtual Webs Demo:

        The Virtual Webs demo is a full web site demonstration and is our featured site at this time!  There demo is a site based on a jewelry store and has all of the whistles and bells of a large corporate site including an administrative area that allows for multiple store configuration and inventory ordering to replenish stock as well as other features!   We hope that if you are thinking of getting a Web site or modifying an existing one you will consider Virtual Webs for the job!


        We appreciate your feedback so that we may better improve our site and make it an experience that you will enjoy!   Our #1 goal it to please you that avid  web surfer so please take the time to give us your feedback and Thank You in advance for your support!

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